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Sovrano Di Ricchezza Group is a US based company producing organic solvents as a revolutionary replacement for butane and dioxin. With global reach from California to Israel, our products are used in botanical oil extraction, primarily from cannabis.

After 5 years of research, following 4 years of development and incubation, SDRG has produced an environmentally clean gas that does not impose any health threats to consumers and improves the end product in quality and quantity.

We are currently working to become a publicly traded company and are seeking investors.

Working globally to create pure and safe botanical extracts.

United States • Canada • US • Mexico • Brazil • UK • France • Spain • Italy • Austria • Switzerland • Netherlands • Israel • South Africa • Australia

Our products. Our promise.

MZ-12X, our revolutionary replacement for butane, was designed with one purpose in mind: superior safety, superior extraction and superior end product quality. MZ-12X pulls both terpenes and CBDs from the cannabis flower while maintaining incredible product taste and smell.

Our di-methyl ether solvent is organic, non-toxic, contains no heavy metals, leaves no residue and is only as flammable as cooking sherry. Making it the safest solvent on the market for oil extraction.

Our product is far superior at extracting terpenes, a chemical with known medicinal benefits. While other methods of extraction are achieving mediocre results by only focusing on THC extraction, MZ-12X is whole plant extraction. There is no loss of other valuable properties of the plant, such as THC, CBD, terpenes and polyphenols.

The problem.

Today the process of extracting cannabis oil requires a lengthy process or expensive machinery, creating roadblocks for a vast majority of entry level entrupenuers and businesses. The machinery uses materials such as butane and dioxin, which are hazardous to the operator, the consumer and the environment.

The solution.

Our product eliminates the need for expensive machinery. By applying our solvent on the cannabis flower, oils are broken down and extracted naturally, yielding a pure and potent oil in liquid form. This eliminates the dangers of using butane and leaves you with high potency, clean product that is ready to use in about 20 minutes.

Uses for pure cannabis oil.

With such a multitude of strains and potency, there is a wide variety of uses for cannabis oil that could meet the needs of any consumer. Uses include, but are not limited to: medical use to treat stress, anxiety and pain relief; beauty products that soften skin; recreational use where consumers can make tasty treats or smoke the oil with far fewer hazardous health effects than smoking the flower itself. With our product making the extraction process safe and simple and fast, the possibilities are endless.


The marijuana industry and why we love it.

The marijuana industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. In Washington state alone, pot shops have sold over $1 billion worth of non-medicinal marijuana since 2014, in turn generating more than $250 million for Washington state through excise taxes.

In Colorado, one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana, the *Denver Post reported recently that the domestic marijuana industry is currently worth about $7.2 billion.

As society advances, recreational marijuana has attained legalization in Oregon, California, Nevada, Alaska, Massachusetts and Maine, with another 20+ states legalizing the use of medicinal marijuana.

*Source: 1-billion-report/

*ArcView Market Research expects the legal pot market to show a compound annual growth rate of nearly 30% over the next few years. Including in the prediction that the legal cannabis market will see a whopping $21.8 billion in total annual sales by 2020. (By comparison, at that point, the legal marijuana market could be bigger than the National Football League, which saw roughly $12 billion of revenue last year but is aiming to reach $25 billion by 2027).

Opportunities for growth and investment within the industry are growing rapidly, and that is what really excites us. Though recreational sales of marijuana have blown the hinges off the door to the market, there are many more benefits to come in the industry of medicinal marijuana and research.


Marijuana in the media

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